Hester – Clomecvet


Closantel & Ivermectin Oral Liquid (Vet.)

Clomecvet® is for use in the treatment and control of Fasciola species, G.I. Nematodes, Pulmonary Nematodes & also other endoparasites and ectoparasites in Sheep, Goat and Cattle.

Each ml contains
Closantel           50 mg
Ivermectin I.P.    2 mg
Aqueous Base   q.s.
Color:                 Ponceau 4R

Dosage and Administration
For Sheep, Goat and Cattle & Buffalo:
Fasciola species, G.I. Nematodes & Pulmonary Nematodes: 3 ml/10 kg B.W. orally
Other Endoparasites & Ectoparasites: 3 ml/10 kg B.W. orally

Withdrawal Period
Milk: 7 days
Meat: 28 days

Packaging & Storage
Clomecvet® is available in 100 ml, 500 ml & 1 litre
Store in cool and dry place. Protect from light.