CEO & Managing Director 

As founder of Hester Biosciences Limited, Gandhi is the visionary of the company. Since the first vaccine was released in 1997, Gandhi has led the Company to become one of the largest animal vaccine producers in Asia. Each year brings Hester to a higher platform with added variety of products and services under his leadership.
In 2016, he was awarded the Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year from Ahmedabad Management Association. 
Beyond the work place, Gandhi has an interest in aviation and enjoys discussions on history and politics. He is a strong proponent of Indian culture.


Shah heads the accounts and finance departments. He joined Hester in the year 2000 as Finance Manager and in 5 years got promoted to become the CFO. Being a Chartered Accountant with Law and Commerce degrees, it ensures his expertise in looking after financial planning, internal audits, taxation and secretarial works in Hester. He is also in-charge of investor relations and has been a major contributor towards establishing customer credit policies, MIS and new project planning.



Vice President – Quality Assurance

Being involved with Hester since 1994, Jani started off as being the project implementation head, subsequently moved on to production and since 2007 he is head of QA. 
Jani has a comprehensive experience in human rabies vaccine, poultry vaccines manufacturing and antibiotic fermentations processes. He has a long list of published works, including a book, book chapters, scientific papers, and presentations at national and international conferences and symposia.
Jani is honorary and life member of various organizations and universities.

Vice President – R&D

Dr. Pal started his career at Hester in 1997 as Quality Control manager and since 2006, has been the Vice President of R&D at Hester. 
His time at Maine Biological Laboratories USA (with whom Hester had earlier collaborated with) coupled with his ability to indigenize the production processes has been a contributing factor towards developing poultry vaccines at Hester. Dr. Pal currently heads a number of projects focused on development of vaccines against chicken diseases and diagnostics kits for animal disease diagnosis.



Vice President – Commercial

Joshi has been a major contributor to implementing cost-effective procurements and in the development of efficient commercial capabilities. He is with Hester since 1998. 
Joshi’s unparalleled experience of a total 37 years in industry has been a big boost for Hester’s business growth. Furthermore, he has undertaken many training programs from reputed institutes, besides having a Masters in Organic Chemistry and an MBA in Management.

Vice President – Production

Patel has had a long journey at Hester since 2001. She has brought significant changes in production with respect to capacity, quality, and consistency by re-studying production processes and gap analysis. Patel also initiated strategic planning of infrastructure, man power and cost containment for consistent outputs. She now has the overall responsibility of poultry vaccine manufacturing, team development, cost containment, operations, new project handling, strategic resourcing and planning and process improvement.



Vice President – Sales & Marketing

Gera heads the poultry & large animal businesses and has been instrumental in driving Hester’s growth in India and Nepal since 2012. He is also the project head of Hester’s Backyard Livestock Initiatives. His expertise is on innovative product launches, establishing marketing and distribution networks and creating sustainable business plans, which has fuelled Hester’s market growth.
Gera has an overall experience of 24 years in the animal health industry, and has worked with a range of organisations including
start-ups and has established companies.

Assistant Vice President – Large Animal Vaccine Production

Dr. Chinchkar heads the division focused on the manufacturing of large animal vaccines. He joined Hester in 2010, bringing with him a vast experience of 16 years in biological production in various capacities has helped spearhead Hester’s growth. His work is concentrated on the development of vaccines for cattle, sheep, goat and canines.
Dr. Chinchkar is a qualified veterinarian with a Masters in Veterinary Science specialization in Veterinary Microbiology and a Ph.D. in Biotechnology, along with an Executive MBA in Operation Management. 



Vice President – Engineering

Having joined Hester in 2007, Dr. Bhatt has a total of over 30 years of engineering experience in fertilizer & chemical plants, oil & gas refineries, water management, design & engineering and biotech plants. He is overall responsible for engineering, which includes projects, utilities and maintenance. Dr. Bhatt has the additional responsibility towards Health & Safety Environment of the manufacturing plants. In his personal capacity, he is on the executive speaker panel of IQPC Dubai and ARMM Pune, and on the advisory panel of IIBMS Mumbai.

Vice President – Information Technology

Gupta has implemented the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system at Hester, enabling the company to become more
time-efficient, besides improving productivity and the supply chain operation operations.
His efforts to establish highly secure reliable network solutions have streamlined Hester’s operations across the country, enhancing business activity. He ensures that Hester stays updated with the latest technologies.
Additionally, Gupta looks after various functions such as IT infrastructure management, data and network security, and application software management. Having joined Hester in 2008, Gupta now has 12 years of experience in various segments of the IT industry. 



Assistant Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Poultry Division 

Gamit heads the poultry sales and marketing division, besides being responsible for new product development. Having joined Hester in 2010 upon completion of his studies, Gamit has brought in fresh ideas, leading towards an aggressive business growth strategy. His teamwork and keen eye for initiatives keeps Hester many steps ahead of the industry.

Assistant Manager – Sales & Marketing, Large Animal Division

Having joined Hester in 2014, Rughwani has a total experience of 6 years of grass-root sales and marketing activities, including front-line sales and product management. His performance driven approach has been a contributing factor towards turning the Large Animal Health Division into a profit making division, along with a reduction in costs. Under him and his team, Hester has recently increased its territorial reach In India.



Assistant Vice President – Sales Operation (Large Animal and Poultry)

Patel joined Hester in 1998 as a sales coordinator, and over the years has become an important force in the company.
With over 20 years of experience in in sales, planning, forecast of veterinary biological and animal health products, he is a key personnel in the department. His leadership and team-building skills combined with market knowledge have helped drive operational efficiencies and develop innovative plans to meet market demands. 

Manager – Regulatory Affairs

Patel brings with him a dynamic experience in Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance. Additionally, he has substantial experience of vaccine & biologicals registration in regulated & emerging markets.
Since his joining Hester in 2012, Patel has strengthened the company’s regulatory process for product registrations, specifically for international registrations, which is crucial for Hester’s expanding international businesses. Under his watch, Hester has received WHO-GMP approvals in various countries, besides getting the Indian government’s registration for Hester’s R&D.  



Assistant Vice President – Logistics

Dhabalia has been a part of the Hester family since 2014 after over 25 years of extensive experience in manufacturing and administrative management. Dhabalia currently overlooks logistics. He is the driving force behind his team’s reorganizing the logistic operations to increase efficiency and maximizing resource utilization. He has substantially contributed towards reducing logistic costs and delivery time and is currently working on developing a stronger cold chain for transporting temperature sensitive products.

Assistant Vice President – Quality Control

Dr. Baksi heads the Quality Control division, which includes testing of products in laboratory as well as in animals. Having joined Hester in 2015, and equipped rich and diverse experiences in this area and expertise in vaccine testing as per national and international guidelines, Dr. Baksi has been the architect for ensuring quality for the finished products. 
Dr. Baksi is renowned for his research on Blue Tongue (BT) Disease at West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, Kolkata, prior to joining Hester. Additionally, he has 21 national and 4 international publications and 1 book chapter. He is a life member of 18 professional associations and a fellow of the Society of Environmental Sciences and Society for Science. 



Assistant Manager – International Marketing

Having joined Hester in 2016, Mandaliya is responsible for business development activities in the overseas market, pushing Hester to emerge as a promising global player. His in-depth knowledge on emerging markets and customer behaviour has encouraged a customer-centric approach and helped build good relations with the Company.
He initiated his career with pharmaceuticals and has gathered domestic as well as international experience on various aspects of business development. 

Vice President – Overseas Operations

Lakdawalla has been associated with Hester since inception. He has played a lead role towards handling new projects within the company. His last assignment was to implement the Nepal project. Having implemented that, he is now heading Hester’s Africa initiative towards developing a distribution network in the African continent. 
Lakdawalla has 30 years of experience in administration, HR, IT, media and new project setups. He is a commerce graduate and has educational qualifications from various international institutes.