Live PPR – Nigerian 75/1

Peste des Ruminants (PPR) Vaccine, Live, Nigerian 75/1 strain

Vaccine is recommended for prophylactic vaccination against PPR in sheep and goats.

PPR vaccine (Living) is a preparation derived from cell cultures infected with attenuated Nigerian 75/1 strain of PPR virus. The vaccine is prepared just before use by reconstitution of freeze-dried vaccine with respective diluents.

After reconstitution with respective diluents each dose of 1 ml contains not less than 2.5 TCID50 PPR virus.

Vaccination Schedule
This vaccine is recommended for use as early as 3 months of age or older. It is advisable to vaccinate after lambing season or during onset of breeding season.

Vaccination Methods
The vaccine is presented as freeze dried preparation in vials. Vaccine diluents vials of 50 ml or 100 ml are supplied for reconstituting freeze dried material. Chill the diluents prior to reconstitution. Transfer a small aliquot of chilled diluents to vials containing the freeze dried preparation. Mix well to ensure uniform suspension. Transfer the suspension to corresponding diluents vial and mix well. Intramuscular injection at mid neck or thigh region is advocated through an area of clean dry skin with all precaution taken. Sterile needles and syringes should be used for every withdrawal.

Vaccination Reaction
No vaccinal reaction is recorded. In rare cases rise in temperature may be observed.

  • Keep reconstituted vaccine on ice
  • Use reconstituted vaccine immediately
  • Part use of vial and restoring in deep freeze or refrigerator is not recommended

Packaging & Storage
This vaccine is lyophilized in 2 ml vials. It is available in 50 and 100 doses per vial with respective diluents. The diluents are presented in 50 ml and 100 ml vial.
Store vaccine vials below 8°C. Store diluents at room temperature.