Thermostable Newcastle Disease Vaccine, Live, LaSota strain (Lentogenic)

Is recommended for vaccination of chickens against Newcastle Disease.

It is a live, Chicken Embryo origin Thermostable vaccine recommended for vaccination of Poultry against Newcastle disease. It has been lyophilized in vials and sealed under vacuum in a manner that renders it to be more stable in comparison to regular vaccine. It is supplied with or without diluents.

Vaccination Schedule
The most satisfactory vaccination schedule may vary from one area to another, depending on such factors as the incidence of disease and concentration of poultry flocks. The following vaccination schedules would be applicable to most areas but may be tailored to local conditions. This vaccine is recommended for use at 2 weeks of age or older. Revaccinate 3 to 6 weeks later. For replacement pullets, a booster vaccination should be given every 14 to 16 weeks throughout the life cycle for better production.

Vaccination Methods
  • Intraocular Method
    Place the dropper over the vial containing the rehydrated vaccine. Hold the chick with one eye turned up. Put one drop in to the eye and hold until bird swallows. Release the bird and move to the next bird.
  • Intranasal Method
    Place the dropper over the vial containing the rehydrated vaccine. Hold the chick with one eye turned up. Place one finger over one nostril. Instill one drop of vaccine into the open nostril and hold until bird breathes in the drop.

Vaccination Reaction
Respiratory Symptoms will be more pronounced from the first vaccination and will vary with the age and the level of maternal immunity in the chicks. While the birds are going through the reaction period, keep them comfortable by providing adequate heat and good ventilation.

  • Vaccinate only healthy birds, which have attained recommended body weight of the age group
  • Use entire contents when a vaccine vial is first opened
  • Burn all vials and unused contents
  • Keep permanent vaccination records including vaccine batch number, details of manufacture and expiry
  • Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter
  • To maintain the quality of this product, it is essential that the directions and precautions for storage, handling and use are strictly followed

Newcastle Disease virus may cause an inflammation of the eyes and eyelids of humans. Care should be taken to ensure that the vaccine doesn't come in contact with the eyes.

Packaging & Storage
50 doses, 100 doses, 200 doses Store between 2°C and 8°C. Additionally the vaccine is also stable at 37°C and can be kept at this temperature for a period of 10 days.
Do not freeze and protect from direct sunlight. Diluent may be stored at room temperature.