Committed to last-mile health delivery

March 1, 2022

“Hester joins hands with World Animal Health Organization (OIE,) as a supplier of PPR vaccines to the OIE’s vaccine bank, to eradicate PPR disease by 2030. Our endeavour at Hester is to play a pivotal role in this global cause and allow the small ruminant economy to contribute to overall economic development.” - Mr. Raj Gera, Director - Hester Biosciences Nepal Private Limited

As the One Health narrative - uniting human, animal, and environmental health - is gaining momentum, so is the importance of eradicating animal diseases for a healthier world, a prosperous economy, and a safer environment. Leading the charge are organisations such as the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH). 

Mainly identified as an animal health organisation, the WOAH is playing a crucial role in ensuring health for all given the increasing interdependence and close interaction between humans and animals. Through its vaccine banks, backed by external funding agencies committed to global health, the OIE is simplifying vaccine access for countries

No longer is animal health viewed in isolation from human health and development. Healthy animals are crucial to health, sustainable livelihoods, economic growth, and more. Organisations such as the WOAH have a global responsibility. As an animal health company committed to improving human health through healthy animals. Hester is proud to contribute to this initiative as a supplier of vaccines to WOAH's vaccine bank. 

Hester Biosciences Nepal PVT. LTD (Nepal) is supplying the freeze-dried live attenuated PPR virus vaccine, strain Nigeria 75/1 in 25 doses, 50 doses and 100 doses vials, the thermotolerant freeze-dried live attenuated PPR virus vaccine, strain Nigeria 75/1 in 25 doses, 50 doses, and 100 doses vials. Hester Biosciences LTD (India) will supply the freeze-dried live attenuated PPR virus vaccine, strain Sungri/96 in 25 doses, 50 doses. The WOAH has signed contracts with Hester for an initial duration of 4 years, from 2022 to 2025. Under this new phase of the WOAH PPR Vaccine Bank, the WOAH will continue to support its Members in reaching the international objective of PPR eradication by 2030.

Hester Biosciences is proud to play an important role as an animal health company with the capabilities to contribute to global disease eradication and One Health.