Diagnostic Labs

Offering end-to-end solutions to our customers

In 2017, Hester diversified by venturing into diagnostic labs for poultry. While we provide diagnostic kits for sero-surveillance and programs for Mastisis prevention for cattle farms, we wished to offer our clients end-to-end solutions for their animals. With this in mind, Hester set up two fully equipped labs in India, both highly skilled at sero-monitoring. We aim to help our customers monitor the health of their flocks, recommend relevant vaccines, and provide a tentative vaccination schedule to our customers in order to protect their flock from diseases more efficiently.

Sero-monitoring or sero-surveillance can provide estimates of antibody levels against infectious diseases and is considered the gold standard for measuring population immunity in the flock due to past infection or vaccination. Potential application of the sero-monitoring based diagnostic services includes identifying poultry populations at risk, evaluating the impact of vaccination programmes, informing immunisation policy, verifying disease elimination, and even predicting potential outbreaks.

Currently, Hester has two diagnostic labs operational in Anand, Gujarat and Hyderabad, Telangana. The diagnostic services are provided free of cost and all potential customers can directly get in touch with Hester Team by contacting our sales or technical services team.