Collaboration with Novapharma, Egypt

Expanding the reach of our vaccines and gaining entry into the Egyptian market

Hester has entered a strategic alliance with Egypt-based Novapharma, which will facilitate in building a domestic presence in the Egyptian market. We are offering Novapharma access to our technology for manufacturing and selling vaccines. In exchange, we will gain exclusive international marketing rights to their vaccines. This specifically includes a vaccine for avian influenza, which according to the FAO 2019 report, is a growing disease in the poultry segment in Egypt.

Hester is uniquely suited to helping Egypt overcome this Avian Influenza outbreak by providing vaccines in addition to giving guidance on detection, vaccination schedule, and monitoring of the spread. Hester does not manufacture it across its plants, which means access to the Avian Influenza vaccination will open up new markets for us and increase our product reach. Additionally, Egypt has a high demand for poultry vaccines with only one manufacturer operating in the region. This provides Hester with a novel opportunity with its technical capabilities, product portfolio and manufacturing capability to penetrate the market.

Egypt is currently in the process of developing its live cattle and poultry market, with new laws in place to protect live cattle and ensure better health for them. Vaccination is a key component of this campaign. Capitalising on Novapharma’s existing marketing network in Egypt, Hester can facilitate the well-being of the live cattle and poultry population in North Africa by expanding the reach of our vaccines.