Collaboration with IIT Guwahati

Developing a human vaccine against COVID-19

Hester is proud to announce that we are collaborating with IIT Guwahati to develop a vaccine against COVID-19. We believe that research and development, specifically pertaining to the recombinant avian paramyxovirus-1, can prove to be crucial in developing a human vaccine for SARS-Cov-2. While we are a company with over 20 years of experience in developing animal and poultry vaccines, this is the first time we are delving into human vaccinations.

In these trying times, Hester’s founder and Managing Director Rajiv Gandhi states why this new collaboration with IITG is so integral: “In the current pandemic situation of COVID-19, the world is looking at developing preventive and curative measures to safeguard mankind. IITG & Hester have collaborated to develop and manufacture a recombinant vaccine against COVID-19 disease as a preventive measure. Being in veterinary vaccine manufacturing, as well as working towards developing recombinant vaccines, Hester has a fairly good understanding and the capability to get into human vaccines, specifically into a vaccine against the COVID-19 disease. Hester’s involvement would be from master seed development up to release of the commercial vaccine”.

Hester and IITG signed the agreement on 15th of April and are currently working on early stage development of the vaccine. Hester Biosciences and IIT Guwahati are hopeful that this collaboration will yield breakthrough results in the prevention of COVID-19, as well as set the stage for future human vaccinations.