Corporate Social Responsibility:
Community Outreach

At Hester, we are aware that our responsibility extends past our clients and shareholders to the community at large. Hester has a robust Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy in place, where we embrace sustainability through action. From plantation drives to inoculation programmes, Hester believes in doing its part for the society and the environment.

Through our CSR outreach drives, we understand the challenges of emerging economies which rely on animal husbandry and poultry farming, and hope to bring about positive change through our outreach initiatives. Hester believes in the 4A principle: “Aware smallholder farmers can achieve great heights if Appropriate products and services are made Available to them at Affordable prices.”

In the spirit of making animal healthcare and vaccine products more accessible, we started our Veterinary Social Business Division in 2016. With the help of GALVmed, a Scottish NGO, Hester has created a unique distribution and a vaccine administration network in the backward districts of India. The program initially started off in the rural parts of Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha, and has now grown to include UP and Bihar. So far, 80 million+ vaccine doses have been delivered and over 9,45,000 households have benefitted from the world’s largest backyard poultry immunisation program.

As a direct consequence of our efforts under the Veterinary Social Business Division, mortality of poultry stock in smallholder rural farms has increased and farmers have been able to earn better incomes. As part of our programme, over 2000 youth and women from the rural areas have trained in techniques for administration of vaccines to poultry, which has provided them with a new source of income and a stable financial future. We hope to continue to meaningfully engage with the community we are dedicated to serve.