Vita E Sel®


Each 200 g contains 20 g of Vitamin E, 200 mg of Selenium, 40 mg of Biotin in an aqueous solution (q.s). 


A feed supplement effective in reducing oxidative and heat stress to birds, preventing deficiency symptoms and early embryonic mortalities. It may be used for preventing diseases such as Exudative Diathesis, crazy chick disease, and muscular dystrophy. It improves the overall growth, productivity and fertility. 


  • For chicks, growers, layers and breeders, 5 g per 200 birds is recommended.
  • For broilers, 5 g per 50 birds is advised. 
  • When mixed with feed, 150-200 g per ton is ideal.

The supplement must be administered orally and may be mixed with the feed. Keep away from children.

Pack Size and Storage

The product is available as 200 g pack. It must be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.