Each bolus of product contains Beta Carotene, organic trace minerals and vitamin E.


A product proven to be effective in improving conception rates and synthesis of reproductive hormones and increasing immunity for larger animals. 


Can be administered to improve reproductive health, according to the specific issue faced by the livestock.

  • To improve heat, 1 bolus for 5 days during the cycle is recommended.
  • To improve conception rate, 1 bolus for 5 days before and after artificial insemination is ideal.
  • To prevent retention of placenta (ROP), 1 bolus for 5 days before calving is suggested.
  • To maintain pregnancy, 1 bolus for 5 days in each trimester is indicated. 


The product may be administered orally. 

Pack Size and Storage

The livestock product is available in 5 boli and 10 boli packs. It must be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.